Our midstream project portfolio encompasses compressor stations, gas plants,
pipeline expansions and other support facilities.

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Designing and Building Success

As a recognized industry leader, Lauren has established a successful track record in the Power Generation industry. We approach each project from a whole-asset perspective which enables us to deliver excellence in safety, cost, schedule, quality and overall performance. We work with our clients to maximize their return-on-investment for capital projects to help them better compete in the marketplace. When our clients succeed, we succeed.

Oil and Gas - Midstream Capabilities

  • Gas Processing and Fractionation
  • Gas and Liquids Treating
  • HVP and LVP Liquids Storage
  • Large Tank Farm Storage
  • Gas Compression
  • HVP and LVP Pipeline Pump Stations
  • Sulfur Recovery, Pipeline Transport and Blocking
  • Rail and Truck Load/Off Load

Salt Cavern Storage Surface Facilities

Confidential Client | Fort Saskatchewan, Alberta, Canada

The project includes four salt caverns for hydrocarbon storage and associated above-ground hydrocarbon handling facilities. The caverns will contain propane, butane, ethylene, and natural gas condensate.

Cavern development and construction of the project is targeted to take place between the end of 2013 and the first half of 2016. Commercial operation for two caverns is targeted for the second quarter of 2016 and is strategically timed to offer additional product storage and handling services to meet market demands. Two additional caverns are anticipated to be completed by the second quarter of 2017.

Resthaven Deep Cut Gas Plant

Pembina Gas Service LP | Alberta, Canada

Lauren was awarded the Grass Roots/ Brownfield site expansion of an existing 100 MMSCFD sweet gas plant with conventional propane refrigeration process, to expand to 300 MMSCFD with deep cut /turbo expander cold train processing. Phase 1 of the project was to bring plant capacity to 200 MMSCFD feed gas, and add the majority of infrastructure to meet Phase 2 capacity of 300 MMSCFD. This project was successfully commissioned and producing on spec gas and liquid product 3 weeks after feed into the plant.

At the conclusion of Phase 1 design and prior to Phase 1 on stream date, Pembina kicked off the FEED study for design and implementation of Phase 2 work. That was final modifications to bring plant capacity fully to 300 MMSCFD.

Nipisi Heavy Oil Pipeline Expansion

Pembina Pipeline Corporation | Alberta, Canada

Lauren provided Engineering, Procurement and Construction support services for the design of five new pump stations, with 14 pumps rated at a combined 30,000 HP. Installation enabled the existing and reconfigured heavy oil pipeline to flow at rates up to 100,000 BOPD (15,898 m³/d).

This project was executed over approximately a 20 month period, with detailed design and Issued for Construction designs issued approximately 13 months after project award.

Musreau Gas Plant

Pembina Pipeline Corporation | Alberta, Canada

Lauren was awarded the Engineering and Procurement contract for a new refrigeration unit plant capable of processing 50 MMSCFD (1,416 e3m3/d) of inlet feed gas and 800 bbl/d (127.2 m3/d) of condensate. The refrigeration unit is expected to produce 49 MMSCFD (1,388 e3m3/d) of lean sales gas, 134 bbl/d (21.3 m3/d) of LPG and 900 bbl/d (143.1 m3/d) of stabilized condensate.

High Prairie Fractionation Plant

Plains Midstream Canada | Alberta, Canada

Lauren provided Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services for the High Prairie Fractionation Plant. The plant was designed to receive and process 700 m³/d trucked in crude NGL, and fractionate to commercial grade C3, C4 and C5+ products.

  • Provided six (6) truck out stations for 700m³/d
  • Provided a twelve (12) rail car unloading facility for condensate and butane products at a rate of 1,000 m³/d.
  • Installation of sixteen (16) 90,000 USGW (340 m³) bullets for butane and NGL storage

Hardisty East Terminal Expansion

Gibson Energy Partnership | Alberta, Canada

Lauren provided Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services for the installation of four (4) 300,000 BBL Internal Floating Roof API 650 Steel Storage Tanks, multiple high HP transfer pumps and large bore interconnect piping. The Total Installed Cost was under budget.

Rimbey Edmonton Terminal

Keyera Corporation | Alberta, Canada

Lauren provided Engineering and Procurement services for a rail car offloading facility designed to offload 800 m3/D of high RVP (future) condensate and 1600 m3/D of low RVP condensate. The scope included condensate top offloading for 4 rail spots (8 cars), condensate bottom offloading for 4 rail spots (8 cars), a 10,000 BBL condensate storage tank and a condensate transfer system.

Regina Truck Terminal

Plains Midstream Canada | Saskatchewan, Canada

Lauren provided Engineering, Procurement and Construction Management services for a project designed to expand an existing crude oil truck terminal from 900 m3/d to 3,000 m3/d, including capability to transfer heavy oil at 770 cSt. The expansion included the addition of new crude oil booster pumps, product metering, run off water storage pond and the addition of 6 B-Train truck loading/unloading capacity.

Lindsay Slug Catcher

Woodford Express | Lindsay. Oklahoma

Lauren was selected to perform the EPC effort of a 3,000 barrel harp style Slug Catcher for Woodford Express in Lindsay, Oklahoma. The project design consisted of modeling the process conditions, selecting an applicable structural support system and material selection meeting the process conditions of the Slug Catcher. Utilizing Lauren’s direct hire capabilities, construction was completed by installing foundations, piping and instrument control systems – leading to successful start-up and operation.