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Experience Equals Foresight

Since 1984, Lauren Engineers & Constructors has been designing and constructing highly specialized facilities in the chemicals and polymers, power, oil and gas, and refining industries. We are construction experts. Engineering authorities. Fabrication specialists. Most of all, we are collaborative partners who share our clients’ business goals.

We know the specific challenges and time-sensitive opportunities our clients face, and we know what it takes to deliver cost-effective solutions. Our comprehensive services represent the ideal blend of Lauren’s building know-how and our clients’ industry-specific needs. And with every successful chemical facility, power plant or oil refinery we design and construct, our value as a partner continues to grow.

Our Commitment

At Lauren, we understand the fundamental importance of relationships and are committed to building lasting bonds with our clients, suppliers and employees. These are the corporate pillars that guide us:

Building Successful Relationships

Our company measures success not only by the cost, quality and timeliness of each project, but also by the client’s comfort level with our team and processes. We are approachable, responsive and conscientious — and we share our clients’ sense of urgency to keep projects, companies and careers moving forward.

Delivering Excellence

Lauren draws upon our industry expertise and proven practices to be good stewards of our clients’ time and money. By approaching each project with strategic adaptability, we’re able to maintain an exceptional standard of quality as we make constructive adjustments along the way. Lauren takes pride in the knowledge, skill and confidence that our team has to offer. We also realize the importance of operating swiftly and flexibly to achieve continuous improvement.

Protecting What Matters Most

Safety is deeply ingrained throughout the Lauren culture, from our corporate offices to our clients’ construction sites. As a company that values people above all else, we refuse to compromise on the well-being of our colleagues, clients or communities. Our attitudes and behaviors support a stringent, proactive safety program designed to protect both human and environmental resources.

Inspiring Innovation

At Lauren, innovative solutions come from employees at every level of the company. We are insightful and creative problem solvers. We think things through from every angle to enhance everyday business processes, design solutions or implementation strategies. We encourage each other to take responsible risks to strengthen our competitive position and enhance the work environment. And we believe that every challenge is an opportunity for progress.

Upholding Integrity

Repeat business is more than an endorsement of our technical capabilities; it’s also a testament to the integrity of our company. We live by our word, and we succeed by our reputation. We hire individuals who share our core values. We conduct business with honesty, fairness and transparency. And in every area of our personal and professional lives, integrity guides our actions.