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Instrumentation and controls engineering

Instrument Systems Design

  • Flow Meter Selection and Sizing
  • Control Valve Selection and Sizing
  • Instrument Specification
  • Burner and Boiler Controls
  • Process Control Systems
  • Safety Systems
  • Materials Handling Systems
  • Analytical Instrumentation and Sampling Systems

Control Panel and Cabinet Design

  • Panel and Cabinet Layouts
  • Wiring and Terminal Diagrams

Instrument Installation

  • Loop Sheets
  • Elementary Diagrams
  • Instrument Location Drawings
  • Cable Schedules
  • Installation Details and Practices

Control Systems Engineering

  • Continuous and Batch Process Control
  • Logic Diagrams
  • Logic Narratives
  • Functional Design Specifications (FDSs)
  • SAMA Diagrams
  • Safety Systems and Interlocks
  • Control System Design and Architectural Layout
  • DCS System Design and Implementation
  • PLC System Design and Programming
  • HMI System Design and Programming
  • Checkout, Startup and Tuning services