In March, 2009, Lauren achieved 2.5 million safe work hours without a lost time incident. Achieving this milestone combined efforts of over 1300 personnel across the organization. This achievement reflects upon the corporate safety commitment to provide a well-planned, safe environment for the workforce. This effort involved not only employee safety orientation but also included site and task-specific safety training. Proper tools and personal protective equipment were supplied to the employees, and task reviews were conducted at all levels, applying their input to daily safety planning. This method created a collaborative safety approach where each worker accepted personal accountability for safety and also looked after the welfare of his/her fellow coworker.

Todd Meek, Corporate Safety Director for Lauren, speaks to this point: “Leadership and employee engagement at all levels are what make milestones like this happen. While this is a fantastic accomplishment, we still have a lot to do. The safety culture is changing throughout the industry and Lauren is helping to push safety to a new level of excellence.”

Congratulations are extended to everyone throughout the organization for their part in helping to reach this momentous safety accomplishment.

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