ABILENE, TX, NOVEMBER 17, 2010: In October of 2010, Lauren achieved six million safe work hours without a lost-time injury. This accomplishment positions Lauren as one of the safest companies to work for in America and reflects Lauren’s corporate commitment to health and safety excellence throughout the organization.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics cites that a typical construction site in the United States experiences one lost day of work every 118,000 hours. In light of this statistic, if Lauren’s safety commitment was typical – in line with the industry average – more than 50 individuals would have missed work due to a work-related injury or illness over the last several years. In response to this, Todd Meek, Lauren’s Corporate Safety Director, stated: “Lauren is not satisfied with typical or industry average safety benchmarks. Our goal is zero injuries – period. We are proving each day that performing with safety excellence is fully achievable with the correct plan in place.”

Lauren’s safety success is due, in large part, to a rigorous safety program modeled after behavior based safety standards in which all employees are called to take personal responsibility for their own safety and the safety of their coworkers. Site and task-specific safety training is the backbone of Lauren’s safety program, augmented by task reviews where employees collaborate to provide their input on daily safety planning. The result is a well-planned, safe environment for the workforce.

This safety achievement spans several years and involves the participation of thousands of employees. Cleve Whitener, Lauren’s president and CEO, highlights the importance of this achievement: “Working safely throughout a project is noteworthy. Working safely for a year is commendable. But working safely year after year and project after project is truly remarkable, and it underscores a conscious effort each and every day by management and all employees to make sure that safety remains a key focus of our organization.

About Lauren:
The Lauren Corporation is a leader in many diversified markets such as Alternative Energy, Polymers, Power, Pulp & Paper, Refining, Special Metals and Material Handling. With offices throughout the US and Canada, Lauren provides Engineering, Procurement and Construction services to industrial customers worldwide. For more information about Lauren, please visit us online at www.laurenec.com.