ABILENE, TEXAS, October 10, 2013: LaurenSaxon, a joint venture between Lauren Engineers and Constructors, Inc. and Saxon Construction, Inc. recently celebrated a noteworthy safety milestone at its Port Arthur, Texas job site, where an ethylene furnace is being built under the responsibility of Linde Engineering North America, Inc. for BASF Total Petrochemicals, LLC.  The crew at the site has achieved over 130,000 work hours with zero recordable safety incidents, thanks to employee dedication and a worksite culture that emphasizes safety above all else.

The crew has worked through a hot gulf coast summer with eight successful heavy critical lifts, three successful heavy equipment lifts, and a safely executed top-out of the main structure.  As part of the site’s precautionary measures, LaurenSaxon implemented a site heat stress management policy and created five cool-down stations using electrolyte frozen pops, mist sprayers, fans, and air conditioners. These stations helped the crew avoid any kind of heat stress incident.

An incentive program through LaurenSaxon provides rewards and prizes for individual crew members caught doing exceptionally good deeds in regards to safety.  The client for the ethylene furnace, BASF, has also rewarded the crew for their devotion to safety at the site with two appreciation dinners. “Attention to safety is so deeply engrained in our culture, it’s just a way of life for our crew.  They take safety very seriously and it shows,” says Jerry Price, Site Manager.  LaurenSaxon has just under 200 personnel on site and expects to finish the ethylene furnace project in December of 2013.

About Lauren:
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