ABILENE, TX, March 26: Tim Heffron, Lauren’s manager of proposals and business development
for fabrication, will be speaking at the Modular Construction and Pre-Fabrication Conference, to be
hosted March 26-28th in Calgary, AB.

With over 25 years of experience in the engineering and construction sector, Mr. Heffron is uniquely
qualified to speak about the challenges and solutions of modular construction. Mr. Heffron has extensive
experience with the management of large-scale modular projects and also serves on CII ‘s (Construction
Industry Institute) modular construction research team – a dedicated group of industry professionals who
work to develop best practices for modular construction.

Mr. Heffron will be speaking jointly with HPD, Veolia Water to provide a case study from modular projects recently completed. “This session will unite owners, engineers, and fabricators to discuss how best to consider design and constructability of modules at every stage in the product value chain,” said Heffron. The panel will address the following topic:

Securing a Supply Chain: The Importance of Establishing a System Early in the Modularization Process
Poor Sourcing Strategies Increase Operating Costs and Lead Times While Adversely Affect Your Bottom Line

  • Supplier Diversification as a Strategy to Deliver Materials in a Shorter Time Frame
  • Design and Cost Saving Developments Offered Through Supplier Innovation
  • How the Modular Process Challenges the Traditional Supply Chain Model

About Lauren:
Lauren provides engineering, procurement and construction services throughout a variety of heavy-industrial markets, including alternative energy, power, polymers, pulp & paper, refining, special metals and material handling. For more information about Lauren, please visit us online at www.laurenec.com.

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Lauren Engineers & Constructors’ website: www.laurenec.com